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    Bluey, you'll have a problem with Tex's option. I live in DB as well and you can't take the dog on the bus from the airport and you can't take a taxi into DB, so short of hiking over the mountain from Tung Chung (which can be done, but would require a LOT of effort) you're going to need someone with a vehicle to deliver the dog to you.

    Now that I think about it there's a Merc van that you can hire to go to the airport that will get your dog...I think it's ~$200HKD to hire that for the could bus out and then schedule a time for the Merc to pick you and your dog up.

    We used Export-a-Pet and had a great experience when we brought our dogs from the states. They got in a day before us, stayed at a kennel overnight and were delivered to our door the next morning. For ease of use you might consider that option:

    I don't recall it costing that much to have them picked up and brought through customs and boarded overnight...I think it was around $1400HKD for 2 dogs...this was a drop in the bucket after paying $4000 USD to have them shipped over!

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    Hello JPmeaney

    I am looking myself at possibility of moving to Shanghai with my 2 dogs .

    Try their international and were recommended to me by some breeders here in Australia , they use them often to transport pets from Europe or USA to AUS. They do everything for you from paperwork to medical check quarantines and transport.


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    Re: export a pet. Several of you have recommended this service, and I've been trying to get more info from them. I e-mailed them three weeks ago for an estimate and got an initial confirmation e-mail, but nothing since, not even a reply to my follow up e-mail. Is this the norm with them? Any suggestions as to what I can do next? Anita