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    To Shanghai

    Hello, all. I feel that there's a bunch of helpful people around here, and so I'm trying my luck.

    I have read somewhere that it's far cheaper to go to Shanghai from Shenzhen, than from Hong Kong. However, as much as I googled my entire evening away, I couldn't find an online site for booking a cheap flight from Shenzhen to Shanghai. The rates I found are similar to the rates coming from HK. Has anyone here tried doing this before (gone from SZ to SH, not googled the entire night away)? Any recommendations for a travel agency, or airline? Will truly appreciate info with point persons and contact numbers...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Every time I travelled from SZ to SH the plane was 3 hours late. Same for the trip from SH to SZ.

    However, the price is cheaper.

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    You can usually get one way tickets between SZX and PVG for around $600 ~ $800 RMB... From time to time you might actually be able to find HKG - PVG tickets for around the same price when all taxes and fees are included, but those discount tickets usually have a min/max stay, and they're just generally not as flexible. I have never purchased China tickets in Hong Kong, so I don't know if there are additional fees associated with it... Another thing to think about is the extra time and money for you to actually get to the airport once you get into SZ. A taxi ride from Huang Gang or Lo Wu to Bao'An airport can easily cost you $100~$150 each way (but at least there's hardly ever any traffic along that stretch of the freeway) and nobody wants to take those buses with all the luggage.

    And as Expatriate was saying... Most domestic flights are delayed...

    IMO it's just not worth the time and hassle to fly out of SZX, but if you must...
    China Southern Airlines
    China Eastern Airlines (they don't have an English site)

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    I suggest to look for a travel agency in Shenzhen (you may ask someone speaking Cantonese or Mandarin to find it on Google and make the call).
    I also suggest to avoid China Eastern cause they have a high ratio of delay.
    My personal choice is Air China, followed by Shenzhen Airlines.
    From Wanchai (HK$100) or Prince Edward (HK$90) there is a bus called Trans-Island going directly to Shenzhen airport.
    The cheapest I paid from SZX to SHA is CNY550 included taxes, but now the rate should be around CNY700. But you have to book in advance and being flexible.

    If you arrive late in SHA be ready to have some problems to get to downtown. There is a night bus for CNY30, but it's not always easy to understand where it is and when it leaves. I suggest to book a flight in the morning between 9:00 and 11:30 that it's the range where price are cheaper.

    I do it very often, so feel free to ask more.

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