"Point It Out" Travel Book

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    "Point It Out" Travel Book

    My sister has been visiting me from Canada in the middle of a 12 month worldwide trip - she's on her way into China next week, coming from Thailand and area recently.

    On her trip she has come across people with a book that they've said was very useful - it is basically a book full of pictures describing items and actions. They say it's good because it is based on pictures and not words, so you only need one book in whatever country you're in.

    She's pretty sure it's called "Point it Out" but in all my Googling and all her searching of bookstores, we haven't been able to find it.

    So I have two questions;

    1) Has anyone heard of this book? Is that the title? I can't even find it on Google, and that makes me pretty sure the title is incorrect, or it's a very obscure book.

    2) If so, would anyone know where to get it in Hong Kong? The only English bookstore I know of is Page One in Kowloon Tong, but they aren't answering their phone (and in any case, I'm still not sure of the title)

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is a travel series called 'eyewitness' that are like you describe in that they have lots of pictures. They generally have a predominantly white background. Every Dymocks and Page One here seems to have a good selection of travel books so if you can buy it here then chances are they will have it. You can see them at dk.com.
    Page One at Festival Walk is open till 10pm tonight.

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    Do you mean this book:


    I don't know where you can find it in HK. Sorry.

    At the Star Ferry Dymock's on the HK side, you can find a photo-pointing book for dim sum, if I remember correctly.

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    YTeah that's the one.. I think she found it at a travel store in Central