Main AirCon leaking - water coming out!!!! :-(

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    Unhappy Main AirCon leaking - water coming out!!!! :-(

    It is the 3rd time or so that my split AirCon is leaking and plenty of water coming out basically everywhere, I think at least 1 or 2 liter...
    The building I m in opened two years ago and I m only the first tenant in this flat, so all aircons were brand new when I moved in...

    The last two times I reported this mistake to the building staff. They came to my flat, opened the aircon and just put back tab water into a tank or so, nothing else.... it looked weird in my eyes, but they were sure to do the right thing.... But just normal water?! Where is that for?!? When I as

    So now it is the 3rd time already, and the wall, couch and floor were full of water and are still wet. A real mass... :-(

    Anybody else experienced this kind of problem?
    I do clean the filter regularly, so this shouldn't cause the trouble... and I really don't want it to happen again... :-(

    What can I do? Who is responsible for this problem? The owner of the flat? The management of the building? Is it me?
    Many questions....

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The owner should be responsible. Your lease is with the owner.

    Building management will rarely take responsibility for stuff inside the flat.

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    Unless it's a new building ... Sun Hung Kai properties offer a 1-year warranty on their flats to cover things like faulty white goods, electrics, plaster peeling, uneven flooring, blah blah blah. The owner should be notified to put pressure on the buildings management.

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    i don't know which type of your aircon is. as i know, the one which is long in shape and can be hang over the wall should not have water running in it. is it the old type one you are using? if it is so, probably there is some part of the machine broken inside, and you have to ask the owner to fix it or change a new one.

    the old type one is quite troublesome, i used to have one and after a year or so, you have to change a part of it inside. it is not expensive but from time to time it will have problems.

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    I don't think its the problem of the Split Type AirCon.

    Its only the dirt stuck inside the waste water flowing pipe. Try to clean it yourself.

    There are 2 tubes connected from outside.
    a> 1 is the cooling coil cycling small brass tube. Which may be covered with polytube to isolate the heat.

    b> the other is a plastic pipe induct the waste water that condensed on metal net for cooling. There will be liters of water for 1 night usage. This pipe normally in white or grey in flexible type.

    Things the cause the leakage:
    (1) Even you always clean the filter but some floating dirt will also be get through the filter and stuck on the metal net. When the cooling is started, water dew will be formed on the surface of the metal net and bring the dirt run down to the water collecting bowl and lead to the waste water flowing pipe. After a period of usage, some dirt may stick together to form a bigger one and hard to flow away easily with the weak flowing of water. Then, they cause the leakage of water.

    (2) The other thing is the metal net, it should be clean with special chemical to wash out the dirt that cannot bring away by the dew. After a period of usage, the metal net will be hard to let air get through. That will cause extra dews condensed on the net due the the poor ventilation. Too much water flow in the waste water pipe in a time and let it flood out the water collection bowl.

    If your case is (1), you can try to suck the dirt out the waste water pipe to clean it, then the AirCon will be back to normal.

    Or, if your case is (2), you must call the Technician to clean the metal net for you. Check your rent if it don't included inside the contract, you need to pay the cleaning fee.

    Hope my explanation can help you...