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    Question need clarification

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to pose a labour regulation-related question to you all. I'm not sure exactly what category I should post this, so I apologize if I've made a mistake. My question is:

    Is an employee entitled to a 'bonus' (13th month pay) even if there is no mention of it in the employment contract? Is this an implied condition or does it have to be specifically included in the employment contract? If the employee is entitled to such a payment, can the employee complain to the Labour Dept in HK and take appropriate action if his/her employer refuses to compensate, or pay out accordingly? I'm told that the bonus is given as 'act of good faith' or tradition to all employees in HK companies by their employers. Is this so?

    I really need help on these Q's. Would appreciate any replies and guidance.

    Thanks guys.

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    its ususally specified in the contract.