H Studios, W Studios, Cozy Studios - How are they?

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    H Studios, W Studios, Cozy Studios - How are they?

    I am going to be in Hong Kong this coming July and August and I'm currenlty in the process of looking for a place to stay. A friend of mine in HK has done some research for me and has come up with
    H Studios
    W Studios
    Cozy Studios

    All three are relatively budget (from $5500 per month) furnished studios available for rent on a monthly basis.
    I'm looking for opinions on these properties from anyone who lives or lived there or has knowledge about them.
    Any info is appreciated.

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    I have stayed in H Studios. Smallest room ever for HK$ 9,000 (something like 1.7m x 6m, bed, shower, toilet all in one room). But I have heard they have even smaller rooms for HK$ 8,000.
    W Studios is slightly bigger for about the same price. Both have good locations.

    Try to negotiate with these guys. They are rather chaotic and unorganised. Very frustrating when you want something done (like fixing the hot water or the wireless ) but good when it comes to payment (in the end i got a good deal with weekly payment ).

    Not sure about Cozy Studios.
    Check out this one: http://www.geoexpat.com/forum/thread6920.html

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    I'm staying in thoe cozy studios and
    they're small, but nevertheless i like it

    The Wireless Lan works and the maid is very good.
    Moreover i like the advantage of the closeness to the time square, because you'e able to eat very cheap in the food court and the for sure the shopping centre

    End the end it's up to you, but don't expect not too much...
    I would life like a king in europe for this amount of money, however it's only for 2 month in your case....

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    Ok, the lambchop and I covered a couple of those aforemention "studiholes" so we can give our two cents:

    1. Cozy - fuggetaboutit. Tiiinnieee and old. Unless you're antisocial Jeffrey Dahmer type that doesn't mind living in ratholes w/ nonexistent sunshine...

    2. H studio - a little better space & amenities wise but don't expect shelves or extra space for your belongings. Also, if your budget is "around" 5500 then H studio may sounds like the Four Seasons to you.

    3. Empire - was better but unfortunately, no availability at the moment we needed it. This is the only service studio we would reconsider should we move from our current locale.

    G'luck and if you've read through all the threads pertaining to living abodes, you may have put Tung Chung or Carribean Coast on your to see list. If so, be prepared for a long ass walk from the station so pack comfy shoes.

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    studio studio is absolute crap. dont ever use their service. its a joke of a company.

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    Cozy is S**T as well. They deserve to have a red hot poker jammed in their eyes!

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    you pay for lemons, you get lemons

    as mentioned in my previous reply to a post - don't expect anything fancy with cozy, cityloft, studio studio and the like.