Filling out the "Notice of marriage" form

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    Filling out the "Notice of marriage" form

    We're a couple visiting HK this summer and getting married at the same time.
    We've been at the marriage registration page of the HK government website and have the "Notice of marriage" form which we have to fill out, but could need some help from you guys...

    Please tell us what to fill in at the following places:

    Dwelling place
    -Is this our current living addresses?
    -Or is it the name/place of the church in HK where our wedding will take place?
    (Note: we've already found and contacted a licencensed place of worship for the wedding ceremony)

    By whom consent (if any) given:
    -As two adults we don't need to fill this in, right?

    Witness my hand this:
    -Should we each write our signatures here?
    -Or something else?

    Party giving the notice:
    -I have no idea. What do we fill in here?

    In addition I understand that we have to contact a "Notarius publicus" here at home, who will declare that our signatures are ours and will sign/stamp the form. They will also take a photocopy of each our passports and sign/stamp them so as to declare them valid and ours.
    Correct so far?

    Thanks. Looking forward to a nice wedding and a wonderful and exciting honeymoon in HK (we're staying for almost 1 month!)

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    Cheung Chau

    I got married here last January but can't remember much about the form.

    One thing I do need to tell you though. If you're booking over the internet, you need to give 3 months notice. If you wish to do it sooner than that, you may find yourself having to queue up all night outside one of the offices in Queensway or Tsimshatshui, with the triads and mainland visitors who line up and sell their position number. This is what we did last December. It was uncomfortable but we made it.

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    No, you've misunderstood.
    We're not registering for marriage at City hall etc. but have been in touch with a church (which is licensed to perform weddings), so no queueing

    So if I'm not mistaken, all we have to do is fill in the papers, send them along with a cheque of HK$ 305, the wedding notice will be posted on a board for 3 weeks, in case nobody objects we will then be allowed to get married.
    So when we arrive in HK we need to work out some formalities at one of those government offices before we're ready to go through with the actual wedding ceremony.
    (we've read all about it here).
    But we need to get those forms sent in soon. In case of problems we'll have a chance to fix it before it's too late.

    Does anyone else here know how to fill it out?

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    Talk to the administrator at the church if you were getting married at the church I work for the pastor and administrator fill in the forms with you if you need help as part of the service to the couple getting married.

    I can tell its not our church because we dont stick any of the notices up.

    Cant answer your questions but I'm sure the office at the church ur marrying at can.