men's suit

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    men's suit

    Is it cheaper buy a brand name suit like Hugo Boss (entry level of the high end, so no armani, zegna or brioni) in HK? I tried to buy a suit in NY, but I couldn't find my size (I am a slim guy) as it's the end of the season here and all the small ones were gone. I assum the sizes sold in HK are smaller and can be possibly a better fit. I also heard about tailor made suits and am wondering how good/expensive they are in HK?

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    Better to go for tailor made than off the rack from say armani/hugo boss etc, As I no longer wear suits anymore I'm sure some of the other guys will tell you where the best place to go is.

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    Any recommendation for quality tuxedo?

    We need to buy good quality tuxedo for my husband. Any recommendation?

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    I just saw a couple of ads when flipping a magazine... many of these tailors seems to be running offers now... and looked worth the money... I have no idea how good they are... Check out -,, La Elite Fashions ([email protected]),,

    Once again... just posting some info from a magazine i was reading...

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    My hubby just got a pretty cool tux done earlier this year at Tai Pan Row, IFC2. 3rd flr just above the city check-in. I found their service pretty good, very professional. Not as expensive as I thought too!

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    I also recommend Taipan Row.

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    Thanks everybody for the feedbacks.

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    Try Fletcher Jones Custom Tailor. The tailor is Tommy Wong, address is Shop 40, Mirador Arcade, G/F, 54-64 Nathan Road, TST

    Tommy's number is 852 2368 9515. I have used this tailor for shirts and suits and have been very impressed with quality and prices are reasonable. The shop is very small in a tatty arcade, but don't be put off.

    There is a good range of materials and you will get what you order (he will not bait and switch like a fair number of TST tailors do with their touts outside).

    Give him a ring and ask about Tux, bear in mind for Tux you are probably looking at initial measure and probably two fittings.

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    if you are looking for some brand but slim suit, you can take a look of
    A.P.C, Bikkembergs, Helmut Lang, Paul Smith or Viktor & Rolf, all of them in slim cutting, you can find those brands from I.T., check the link out, more brands you can find....
    Or what about DKNY? Or Zara, good quality but cheap...

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    How long does it normally take a HK tailor to make a suit? I guess the price depends on the fabric chosen, but how does that compare with buying a brand suit in the store?

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