Humidity and its problems!

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    Humidity and its problems!

    Hello, we have just moved to Hog Kong early this year and though people have been telling us how bad the humidity levels in Hong Kong can be, we never believed it until a few days ago when we found mould and mildew all over the house. Now, I am getting worried because we have to keep cleaning everything and checking the carpet, etc for mould. Then I found out that my aircon(Trane brand) has a dry and humid function. I was wondering if it would help if we turn it on the whole day or buy a dehumidifier? Then in a few weeks we will be away for two weeks and we are worried that when we come back, there would be a 'forest' of mould everywhere. Can anyone out there offer me some solutions? Its really freaking me out. The weather is also killing me and I hate the 'sticky' feeling. Any suggestions would really be helpful. Thanks!

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    If you can get someone to come around once a day to empty the dehumidifier's water box then that's the best option. Our air-cons are also Trane and yes the dry function is useful but I wouldn't leave these one if I was leaving the home for two weeks. Another option is to get dehumidifier boxes which are cheap.

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    You should turn on the air-con because it helps dehumidify. You may set temperature to 24 - 25 degree in order to save electrcity cost. Also, if you will not be home for two weeks of time, you can also buy some dehumifier boxes, as discobay recommended, or some dehumidifer bags to put in your wardrobes or place next to your electronic appliances.

    The humidity level is quite bad for this year becuase of the long raining days. However, the weather is not as hot as the previous years.

    Also, remember to close all your windows when you are not home for two weeks of time.