I-Cable TV contracts- no escape!?

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    I-Cable TV contracts- no escape!?

    Amazing. I call them to terminate service as we are leaving Hong Kong, they tell me the "penalty" for early termination is payment of the duration of contract--in this case till Sept 2011.
    PLUS I have to "pay them back" for the "free gift" that came with this magnanimous contract, a gift I never collected nor desired or requested. AND, to return the cable box, I have to go to their office only after they have received a termination notice (which by the way, I must receive from them and sign and return before they register the termination)--if they were to send someone to pick up, I'd be charged $150.
    I am told by their officer that only if I were to die would I be released from this contract.
    Anyone escaped this with their lives?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tex:
    Amazing. I call them to terminate service as we are leaving Hong Kong
    Do a runner since your leaving.

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    The expat guy renting my flat before me did a runner. My letterbox got letters from PCCW (addressed to him) then from debt collection agencies, for about a year. Bailiffs even came to inspect the flat on a couple of occasions and I had to prove I'm not him (totally not on!) But then nothing. Dunno if they pursued him overseas or (more likely) gave up. Or maybe if he comes back to HK maybe there'll be a court order waiting for him.

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    Once you're with i-cable, forever you're with i-cable.

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    Seems fair enough to be honest. You could have opted for a month by month contract but most companies offer a reduced rate in return for committing to a fixed term. Having opted for the reduced rate/fixed term option it seems reasonable that they hold you to your side of the deal.