Guitar on the Airplane??

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    Guitar on the Airplane??

    Has anyone brought a guitar onboard as hand carry? My daughter wants to bring her electric guitar (much thinner than acoustic) on our trip, so I called the airline (Air Canada) to ask about it. They said it must be checked as baggage. When I mentioned that I had seen people with guitars onboard several time, she told me that they must have paid for an extra seat to do this.
    The flight attendants usually put it in the coat closet, so I don't know what she's talking about.

    I'm thinking about just trying anyway, but we don't have a hard case for it and I don't want to be stuck at the airport with them saying NO!

    Anybody done it before???

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    Not friggin' Lamma no more!

    I've done it loads of times with no issues, though never to HK.

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    i've done it on a cx flight to hk. they stored it just like you said.

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    Thanks, so it is worth a shot. I guess if need be, I can always throw a fit until they say yes.... even though I hate doing that, I've witnessed that tactic many times before and it seems to be quite effective in HK.

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    If you have a soft-case, then it might be best to pack it with some bubble wrap (around the stock and neck).