Toni & Guy colour disaster......

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    Unhappy Toni & Guy colour disaster......

    Can someoone PLEASE reccomend a good colourist for western hair to do hilights.... I used T & G for years in the UK and after seeing some threads on here thought I would give them a bash. The result is a disaster. My husband who normally has no real thoughts actually laughed... I paid 1,900 $ including blow dry and had the seinor/director tecnicion Gary at Wyndham Street branch. My light brown hi-lighted hair now looks like ginger badly hilighted hair with roots.......Not sure if it can be corrected now but I will definately need a new hairdresser soon......

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    The Colour Bar seems to be a good chooice for many- especially my much better half. I think they're in the resources of this site.

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    Hi Janet

    I can highly recommend Paul Gerrard - located in Central on Pottinger Street/Wellington Street. Paul and Robin are excellent when it comes to colouring Western hair. Two of my girlfriends (one red head and one dark blonde) go there regulary for highlights and are very happy with the results. Have a look at
    I am sure they can fix your problem.

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    No thats not what I said, Doug did a good job first ime round and my wife was happy, Doug a few days later said he was unhappy with it and asked permission to do it again for free.

    And the person I went to to get my colouring done was at another salon. Not doug.

    Do you work for Tony and Guy Always suspicious when someone makes a jab like that at a previous post.


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    Ok .. we've given the PG folks their share of publicity (god knows how many logins they have on this site), not to mention I'm sure they're using this to exploit the fact that their competitor screwed up.

    Time to move on folks ...