Thank you both for your attention to this question. Absorbing what you've said I think what I want to be is a non-UK taxpayer. Then any CGT in HK are not the claim of the UK Inland Revenue. Presumably by living and working full time in Hong Kong one does achieve that condition. I don't know if one has to opt for it and if there is a qualifying period of residence overseas before this can be opted. I hope this qualifying period is not 7 years (at which point one qualifies to become a permanent HK resident).

While in HK (where I hope to be living now for another 3-5 years) I will receive some income from a UK property. I expect to pay UK tax on that yet that conflicts with my idea above of becoming a non-UK tax payer.

I think I need to read up on this subject and perhaps pose the IR in the UK a few questions before I return to HK next month. However your further comments are of course very much appreciated.

Thanks again for your trouble to reply