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    Looking for flatshare

    I am going to move to Hong Kong very soon and I am looking for flats in Cheung Chau because I heard that place is cheap.
    If anyone knows information about flat in Cheung Chau Island, please message me.
    Also, I have a question about getting Visa.
    I am thinking to go to music university in Hongkong next year, so now I don't have any visa.
    For now, I am entering to HongKong without any visa for 3months, and I am thinking to reenter Hongkong before the expiration date.
    Is that o.k. to do until I enter university ?

    Thanks for reading.

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    i have just visited cheung chau, believe me you don't want to stay there, although the island is quiet nice, but it is so far away from everywhere (1 hr by ferry, 11.5 HKD / trip), you can find cheap motel at Chungking mansion (150 HKD - 330 HKD / nite) in Kowloon, if you want it. It would not be worth it staying so far away, since you as a newcomer usually will roam the whole Kowloon & HK island at first, well, you know, HK 101.