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    re:find tennis coach


    I'm tennis coach and have 8 years coaching experience
    (coach Licence by HKTA)

    if interest please send email [email protected] to discuss or call me 92714801 Ben

    tennis lesson in HKU are you ok?


    Quote Originally Posted by Darkangel:
    guys and girls,

    I would like to find out if there is any good tennis class in central area that you guys know? Or anybody is sooo good at tennis that could teach me how to play? I was a squash player but I am really bad at tennis.

    I would like to learn how to play tennis for the longest time. Hopefully it's not too late for my age- 25 !

    Would really appreciate your advice as I am still new to town. Thanks!

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    tennis in The Chinese U of HK

    Hi Ilona,
    You are welcome to come to our University to play tennis, either you drive to our campus or we can meet in University Station.
    Transport can be arranged if you are interested to play.
    Date: 14 November
    Time: 10am to 6pm (anytime)
    Venue: The Chinese University of Hong Kong/ other venue can be arranged depending availability
    Fee: guest fee HK$14 per hour (courts are free)
    Coach fee: donation to our tennis team, upon your wills

    you are invited to play and learn tennis from our University Tennis Teams coach and assistants

    9844 1321

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