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    omg.. it took alot of gut to write this i find it embarassing to ask does anyone please have a clue to information or refferals to cosmetic surgeons in hongkong? i have referrals in shang hai but that is so far away and i don't know mandarin! please anyone?.... embarassing subject to ask but i have tried long on the computer cant find nothing... i suck.

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    The best place to start might just be your GP or family doctor. They're usually well connected and know the right doctors.

    Other resources are

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    Hi there, Bumping this thread up to help a pal who had an small accident. Teehee, I know thats what they all say.
    But seriously does anyone have any firsthand recommendadtios for the best cosmetic or plastic surgeon in this town. You can pm me for privacy. Thanks

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    with the name u can find the phone # through pccw then call and talk with the nurse see whether the clinic has the machine to provide that service or even compare the price!

    u can select Dermatology or Plastic Surgery from the list. Actually there is no big deal at all either having plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. It is very common. Most of the Korean girls do it as birthday gifts. One of my friend even did it before a job interview in the same day! Some even get it done through lunch time like Botox injection. as long as u can suffer the pain and get enough money then why not.

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    Why don't you just go to Korea to do it?

    They have better services and are quite good actually.

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    Don't ever do it in China. I've seen lots of people complaining on TV.

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    If you can afford it go to LA. Actually it is not expensive in comparison to HK/Korea, but you have more experienced docs and better consumer rights.