Finally something that took my mind away from the god awful plague in Hong Kong. An encounter with Orange, one of Hong Kong's mobile phone providers.

I had booked a new phone with Orange a few weeks ago and was eagerly awaiting it. Given that I'm going art hunting over the next few weeks in various places that business takes me too, I thought it would be nice to have something with a camera built in. A Sony Ericsson P800.

Well, I called them today and wondered what happened. Their response was.. sorry sir, we called you last week, no one answered your phone, so we took you off the list. Oops, we've run out of stock and double oops we don't know when the next batch will be in Hong Kong. Sorry, we don't leave messages.

Then they had a audacity to ask me, if I had my voice mail configured correctly.

How do you spell "morons"? M O R O N S, in all caps.

There goes my self purchased b'day present.

Give this article two weeks before the search engines pick it up and start showing it before Orange's website for all the choice keywords I've included here.

Hopefully revenge shall be mine to savor.