Loving HK...but....

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    Loving HK...but....

    Hi all,

    I am getting abit homesick , I was born in the UK, moved to HK a few years ago on a working visa and got married in HK last year, (my wife was born in HK, she holds a HK passport as well as a Canadian Passport), my question is one day i would like to move back to the UK with my wife , would she be able to apply for a citzenship in the UK? or would she have to live in the UK for a few years before she is allowed one? We are expecting our first baby in September again I would like to bring them back to the UK.

    So many questions



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    Hi m8,

    This should answer your questions.

    Reading this, you would have to wait approx 3 years before applying, since your wife is married to a British Citizen( you). Otherwise its much longer.

    My wife went through this process, just before those horrid tests came in and the process was pretty painless except for the waiting times and the mindnumbing form filling.

    Good luck!

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    many thanks for the top info