Does anyone know the procedure of applying for non-residenship in Canada?

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    any non-resident planning returning back to canada?


    i'm like some of you, have been in HK for a few years. i didn't file any report /form to declare the non-residency. but I haven't filed any income tax either. i still have the health card, but haven't used during the last few years. no property in canada, bank account were closed.

    yes, i was told by someone that i do not need to file the non-resident form, which is not a must by law.

    but i'm now considering of going back to canada.
    does anyone know if i should take care of all the income tax (as non-resident) before i'm going back? also, when i ship all the stuff back to canada, can i get a break (i.e. not paying the tax requested by the canadian custom) based on my non-residence status?
    any help would be great. if would be great if you know any good professional service for canadian non-resident in hong kong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannet:
    You can read all about it in the Canada Revenue Agency's website:
    Click on 'non-resident taxes' on the menu, and then on 'non-resident forms' to see how you qualify.
    cannet is right. Basically the idea is, you probably won't get in trouble but in case CRA does decide to audit you, then you better not give them an excuse to say/ask "but let's look at blah blah blah..." or "but why did(n't) you blah blah blah..."

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