Happy Valley Living Happy?

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    Smile Happy Valley Living Happy?

    Just curious to all those that live in the "Valley", is it all that its cracked up to be? What kind of rent should i be expecting? I'm looking for a old place, but clean(able), preferably 3br but 2 big rms ok and lots of green to look out on.

    Any estimates from those in the know?

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    In that case check out the 1958s building overlooking the bus terminus right opposite the race course. Good value for money and very conveneint, as long as you don't actually require to be surrounded by greenery. If you want something quieter and dont' mind the hike up and down the hill, go up towards the higher reaches of Blue Pool Rd - Green Lane, Briar Aveneu, Holly Rd, etc.

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    Ma Wan

    I personally love Happy Valley. Of course it is not as "happening" as Midlevels or other areas, but you will find what you need and it's so close to Causeway Bay/Wanchai anyway. Extremely quiet (in terms of traffic noise) in the morning and evening/night, even along the main road. Lot's of green as you see the mountains from nearly everywhere.

    Not sure about your budget. I gave my agents a max of 15K, and also asked for older apartments. Unfortunately the old ones turned out to be really old and not cleanable (revamp would be necessary, often with ugly built in furniture you can not remove). Some with nice roof terrace.
    In the end I decided for a smaller, but nicer place.

    Sure you will find something great in the 2-3br category if you pay a bit more. If you want to get a feel of it, just ask some of the property agents near the tram stop to show you around. There are plenty to choose from.

    Very happy in Happy Valley