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    Question Packet PC wireless phone

    Hi all,

    Do anyone know if a packet PC that is purchased in the United States can be used in HK/mainland China?

    For products like or

    Are there similar products like these in HK?

    Do you know if these products can be used in China? Is it better to get the product in the Untied States or get it in HK? What service providera can I contact to get all these questions answer?

    What I am looking for is a packet PC or Palm organizer plus wireless internet access, and possible integrated wireless phone in it while I am on the go in HK and Mainland.

    Please advice.

    Thank you

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    try for these PDA/phones...

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    packet PC


    the link you posted doesn't work. I guess you are talking about a GPRS based PDA, like a Blackberry or PPC. As is traditional the USA is incompatible with the rest of the world for most mobile solutions. You would need a Tri band phone before it will work in HK or elsewhere (Quad band for Japan), I therefore suggest getting one in HK. Personally I use the 3G system by Orange which I find is great, and quite straightforward(ish) to set up. I can use MSN/ICQ etc. around town. Personally I have never got data based services to work in the mainland (They don't have 3G yet in Beijing, but the idea is that the phones fall back to 2G). However others have succeeded where I have failed. I personally use a Nokia 6680 Smartphone (they don't have a touch pen, thats the difference between a smartphone and a PDA). Which does email, simple web browsing, MSN etc. but its horses for courses (Took me a month to learn how to use it though).

    So to cut things short, buy a tri band in HK, then you can use it back in the USA.