Pakistani / Indian cooking lessons

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    Pakistani / Indian cooking lessons

    is anybody around who conducts Pakistani /Indian cooking lessons?If so,then where and how much?Replies appreciated!

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    Try the YWCA - english speaking member services..they always have lessons.

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    i teach cooking (indian cuisine) email me at [email protected]

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    A friend of mine will be visiting HK at the end of September for a few weeks and is a fantastic Indian cook. She is willing to teach up to 4 people at a time, or add you to a lesson. You can stipulate what you want to learn. Phone Paru on 2551 0053

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    Indian cooking

    Hi, i teach indian cooking & mughlai recipies. Will be available in may as visiting india. U can call me at 63907827

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    Cooking lessons

    There's a lady who teaches phenomenal dishes - not just Indian/Pakistan fare but also East African, Thai and Yogic dishes. Definitely worth contacting her. Email address is: [email protected]

    I believe she also does catering for private events.