Therapy Dogs

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    Therapy Dogs

    I have a question and I was wondering how it works here, I have a great dog with a great temperment that we just adopted. He's currently sick from tick fever but will get better hopefully soon....anyways..
    In the states you actually have to get your dog a license and go to classes to be a registered therapy dog. Has anyone had any experience in HK with this? I used to take my dog to nursing homes and hospitals in the states and in Japan. Can you do that here? If so how do you go about doing it?

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    I've seen a gal with one of those back in the states. They are extremely well trainded and loving dogs.

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    Don't know the exact answer to your question, but you could ask SPCA ( or these guys (our vets, - I know they get involved in quite a bit of community stuff)

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    Is this what you're looking for? The program is called Dr Dog