Hillsborough vs scenecliff

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    Hillsborough vs scenecliff

    Hi I am choosing between these 2 apartments and would appreciate someone could advise which one is better.

    Hills borough ct - Located at old peak rd
    Scenecliff - Located at conduit rd, 5 min to escalator

    Both apartments are nice. One thing i am worried is getting to work from Hills B to central but then I don't think I am able to walk along escalator all the way from conduit rd either. I heard hills borough is famous but as a foreigner I am not sure about that.

    Anyone lives near there? or done similar search on this before?

    Advises are highly appreciated..I need to make decision on which one is better to take.

    Thanks and cheers

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    Lived on both Scenecliff and Hillsborough Court.
    Hillsborough court provides shuttle bus to go to Central, and Central Ferry pier. If you fancy the walk its about 10 mins to Central. Scenecliff has more public transport. Both places are good. Hillsborough Court has just renovated clubhouse and its great right now.

    Either one, they are both convenient. Both are nice. Hope it sorta helps

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    I have actually lived in both as well!
    I think as a young single I would def. choose Scenecliff as it is much more convenient, walking distance to night-life, SoHo and Lankwai, I used to work in Central as well and I enjoyed grabbing a coffee while walking down every morning on the escalator which takes about 20mins.max. Scenecliff would be more value for money too. However Hillsborough does seem more luxurious with more facilities but more expensive.