Living With Parrots in Hong Kong

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    Living With Parrots in Hong Kong


    I am planning on bringing my African Grey parrot over to HK (Kowloon side - San Po Kong). I live in a privately owned building that allows pets.

    I am wondering about the noise he might make. It seems to me that HK people love birds - check the size of the bird market in Mong Kok. Does anyone live with a parrot here in HK and if so, how do your neighbors react to the noise? Let's face it, birds are noisy.

    Where do all these birds live in HK??


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    We've just adopted an African Grey. He's still getting used to us and is only chatty in the mornings and the evenings. He's out of his cage, and so all our windows and balcony door are shut. I don't think the neigbours can hear him. And even if they did, its a nice change from the drilling/renovatations that we ususally have to hear.