Education: HKIS vs Brit Foundation

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    Education: HKIS vs Brit Foundation

    I will be relocating to Hong Kong during Summer04. We have heard different comments about the quality of the education there, specially it seems to be different opinions whether the HKIS is better than the Brit Foundation Schools?
    Could you please provide me feedback from your experiences, what work best when returning to US ?


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    International schools generally follow the American standards of education, whereas the "Brit Foundation Schools" are exactly what the name implies. Make no mistake, however, most of the "Brit Foundation Schools" do offer a number of alternatives. The IB (International Baccalaureate) being one of them. Also, almost all of them provide the opportunity for students to enter American universities through entrance tests like the SAT and the ToEFL. The choice, of course, is yours.

    have a look at this link for more info.

    as for the Int'l schools, there are other choices....