Going rate for Mandarin instruction?

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    Going rate for Mandarin instruction?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking at taking some advanced mandarin classes through a university program, but their price is kind of steep (~HK$160 per hour for 4 hours a week over 8 weeks = HK$5200!)

    This is a group lesson too. I feel like I could get private lessons at a price like this.

    Does anyone have any feedback on what a good mandarin school should cost? I'm not soliciting tutors or anything, just want to know what the going rate should be. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hong Kong

    yes, they do vary in price. I also seem to find that there's varying quality.
    I'm going to take a punt at the YMCA - check their website
    it'll cost $910 for 20 hours
    My second choice (but the course doesn't start till 21 Nov) is
    HKU Space It has a good reputation and uses the same text.
    Cost is $4000 but for 40 hours.
    I suggest you do a google search and also check out the ads on this site as well as other unis and HK sites.