Need a lot of clothes altered, any tailor recommendations?

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    Need a lot of clothes altered, any tailor recommendations?

    I did a search but the information in the existing threads was not quite what I wanted or too old.

    I have a LOT of clothes that need altering. Mostly the clothes are far too new and/or expensive to throw out. I'm talking like maybe 8 pairs of pants, maybe 20 or so shirts, possibly 4 or 5 jackets.

    Almost all these clothes were bought outside of Hong Kong.

    I don't feel comfortable at all going to those Indian places that use touts (not because of "Indian", but because of "touts").

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't want them to make me any new clothes, just alter a lot of existing ones. I'm after a relaxed, no-pressure place, English speaking (just because that's what I speak) that does quality work.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can make an independent recommendation.

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    Hi Andrew,

    There's a great little tailor called Ann & Bo on the 3rd floor (I believe) of Melbourne Plaza on Queen's of the two ladies speaks pretty decent English which helps a great deal. Better yet, they can do rush orders (I had a pair of expensive jeans original hemmed in under 45 minutes) and don't charge extra for it.

    Price-wise, they're only just slightly more expensive than, say, the average tailor in CWB, but I'm never worried when my stuff's with them so that peace of mind is worth it to me.

    Direction-wise, if you walk straight down LKF, it's on the opposite side of the road, not too far from the major intersection.

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    Thanks a lot for that. I will give them a go and report back here on my experience for the benefit of anybody else in the future.

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    New World Taylors on Tonnochy and Hennesy (northwest corner more or less). pretty nice guy but can't guarantee quality as of recently. very old school so beats TST fare.

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    Report on experience with Ann & Bo

    Yeah this place was pretty good. Not cheap though. Cost me HK$336 to get a shirt altered and a pair of pants altered to drop them down several sizes. The quality of the work was excellent though and I would recommend them.

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    For your reference, clothes alteration is not expensive in Hong Kong, but most of them only speak chinese. For example, for jeans/dress pants within HK$50/pair maximum, usually only HK$20, jacket maybe a bit expensive but should be less than HK$150 (depends on material and complexity). Think seriouly before you go for alternation,if you are not wearing them again, why bother, just donate them.

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    Thanks for the information. It doesn't matter if they only speak Cantonese, I can go in with a Canto speaking friend who can translate for me. I have lots of them now!

    Could you recommend a place for me? Some of my clothes are pretty expensive so I want a good job done, so it doesn't matter if they are considered expensive by "Chinese" standards, the main thing is that they do good work.

    I am still wanting to wear this stuff, it is quite new, just too big. That's why I'd rather alter it than give it away just yet.

    Thanks a lot.

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    I know one in North Point, which I always go. the lady is very nice and with pretty good workmanship. You can send me email directly for her address, anyway it is very close to City Garden Hotel, as I tried to post similar info. here and got deleted. Or, if you don't bother to come to North Point then try the laundry shops around your area, as most of them take this kind of job as well. Let me know if you still have questions with this.

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    alterations by an expert.....

    I undertake alterations and give good quality service. If you still need alterations or knows friends who need it, you can contact me.