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    Question Advice needed...

    Hello fellow xpaters! I need some advice...first, a very brief background; im 25 yo, from sweden, take a BBA in HKU where I am a second year student. I've lived in a couple of countries before and have a quite international background and I'll be finished with this programme 2008. So far, everything alright, apart from the fact that I'll be 27 yo when I graduate...quite old for a first degree.

    Now to my problem, I'm thinking about taking a break for 1 full year (I cant take 6 months because of my curriculum) and move to Shanghai or Beijing to study Mandarin...1 year, fulltime language studies. This would mean that I will be able to speak reasonable (input if you have please!) chinese, but be finished with my BBA at the age of 28...that is late. Very very late, especially if you look on the local crowd who all have their BBA:s, their 2years of work experience AND their MBA at 28.

    In short; should I do this or not?

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    Raz, I am in HR and have seen a wide range of resumes and have met many people through interviews who have shared their backgrounds with me. Those that have a dynamic background with rich experiences such as you might be developing, offer far more 'character' and personality. While education is important (and I see that you still are keen on getting your degree), it is also important to have a balanced set of experiences. Getting Mandarin under your belt will make you competitive. You can also do you MBA after a few years of working. I know many people doing their MBA's part time and they are in their 30's. And it's not like you are taking a year off to learn how to weave baskets - languages are a good thing to have especially if you aspire to do international work

    I'd say, go for it!


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    Hej hej Raz!

    Since you're studying in HKU, have you thought of going to China through World Wide Exchange Programme? HKU offers every year around 150 scholarships for students going to other Uni (including a couple of Uni in China) to stay for 1 semester to 1 full year. If things haven't changed, I think the scheme closes in early December, so maybe you can still give it a try. One good thing to go with the scheme is that you can go to good Uni relatively early with HKU network, and you also get scholarship from them (though it's not a lot). If you're lucky, you may be able to transfer some credits back from the exchange year back to HKU, then you can shorten your study time..

    Just thought it might be an option. Lycka till~


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    how about u finished the degree first?