OUCH!! Lower back pain!!

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    I know a chiropractor who is in Shatin Taiwai. He is very good.

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    Hey, mind your words and you don't need any chiropractors or doctors any more!!!!

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    in my home

    how does watching what you say help avoid doctors?

    ive heard of an apple a day....but words? hmmmmmmm

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    Theshoreguy seems to have a bee in his bonnet about people being 'rude' on Geo...weird...

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    I think your initial self-diagnosis of the mattress being too hard is probably correct. Beds in HK are hard and take some getting used to. Ironically, I now find most European beds (especially British beds) much too soft & springy.

    You will get used to it but I know it must be difficult in the meantime because you are probably not getting a good night's sleep either and are waking up cranky and irritable.

    A new, softer mattress more to your liking may be the only answer. I'm afraid I am not a fan of anything in IKEA (except the food) so I would not recommend there but if you go to SOGO on the top floor they have a very good and large range of mattresses some of which will suit you. Not cheap though! However, given that we spend a third of our lives in bed, a good mattress is a very sound investment.

    There is also a place called Sea Horse in Mongkok at 750 Nathan Road which is where I bought my mattress. Good service/product/price.

    All the best

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    Just returned from a grueling day of being a golf groupie and amazingling I dont ache all over. About 6 months ago I got a pair of bodyblades and used them religiously for at least 10 minutes a day. It has done wonders for my core muscles, I could sleep on a cement floor and still wake up refreshed.
    Alas I still have some work to do to make the exterior look as cool as I feel on the inside.


    Do a youtube search for bodyblade for a hilarious four ome.

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    Hope it helps!

    Try Flexi-patch, available in Watsons in Hong Kong. Chinese name translated as Wood Vinegar health patch (ask for foot patch in red box, 10 or 20 pieces pack). Use them on bottom of feet for several days consecutively, do not rush to use it on the back yet. It is a product with Far Infrared treatment effect and it works on a lot of people with back pain but through reflexology concept. It is particularly good for people who are "wet" (meaning damp accumulated in the body - Chinese people know this as toxic accumulation). It sucks out toxin together with your own sweat on the bottom of the feet. Worth trying, not expensive.

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    Chiropractor in Central

    Try Dr. Daniel Chan

    This guy is from Canada, I was a patient of his in Toronto a couple years ago and now here in HK. He is part of a clinic in Central across from worldwide house and landmark. Spends time with his treatments and I didnt seemed rushed (thats what i liked the most). A bit different from other chiropractors in HK cause he doesnt try to sell you on vitamins or nothing. Gave me a bunch of exercises for my low back and neck and has been good ever since.