Average cost of living

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    Average cost of living

    I am a student of Computer Sciences and plan doing an internship in HK but have realy no clue how much it will cost me. So i wanted to know how much I have to expect for my average living costs per month.

    I am thankful for every hint


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    Depending on where you plan on staying and who is covering what costs, it can be pretty cheap or very expensive.

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    Well the internship will probably be at the Chinese University of Hong Kong so I doubt there will be any pay, but I maybe could get a room in a dormitory.

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    coming from the states and studying at hkust, everything was pretty cheap. meals on campus range from $20-30hk. living in the dorms for 4.5 months cost less than $5000hk. transportation cost the most, even with student status. i think i spent over $100hk per week on the mtr and buses. but then again, hkust is all the way in clear water bay. so if you hang out near your campus, i'm sure you could live really cheaply. you could also blow a lot of money in the central, it all depends.

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    Wow thank you mattsix, these are good news! ^_^