Living in West Kowloon (The Cullinan) and need part time Amah. . . .

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    Living in West Kowloon (The Cullinan) and need part time Amah. . . .


    I just moved over from London and am living in The Cullinan (new development above Kowloon Airport Express Station). I am looking for some home help but I live on my own so do have the need for a full time live in Amah - as that seems a little over the top for just me.

    Ideally I would like someone to come in for a couple of hours per day for example to clean/iron/feed cats.

    Is it normal for 2 people to share an Amah? Is there a way to hire a Part Time Amah - it seems from the reading i have done they are all full time?

    Does anyone live in The Cullinan / Habour View / The Arch / Sorrento for example and have an Amah that would be available for such duties and we could share the cost?

    The building I live in has Home Smart who currently clean my flat but they are super expensive and they refuse to feed the cats! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!



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    You can only hire a foreign maid as full-time. Hiring foreing maids part-time is subject to HK$100,000fine. Your friends and neighbours would not report to the government, but the maids' friends may do.

    I hire a local part-time maid, but I don't think it is any much cheaper than Home Smart although my maid can do many different things. She is hired from another local agency. I personally think Home Smart is not super expensive. Can you hire clearners for the same price in London?

    You get what you pay for in Hong Kong. Money does also a lot here. Being cheap can be silly.

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    I use Merrymaids - reasonably priced and pretty good.

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    Hello, we are moving to The Cullinan next month on October 15th. Please shoot me a separate email so we see about working something out: [email protected]. Thanks. B