Sha Tin to Central Bus Routes

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    Sha Tin to Central Bus Routes

    Please could someone advise me on the best bus routes from Sha Tin New Town Plaza to Central? Is the no.170 KMB any good? Please help me as I am going to have to make this journey daily...or is is best to take KCR to Kowloon Tong MTR and so on...
    I would be really grateful for any advice!

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    There are several options from New Town Plaza to Central, however, none of them are directly connecting the two locations since planners expected passengers to take the KCR.

    The first one would be KCR to Kowloon Tong and transfer to MTR. With the opening of the new Tsim Sha Tsui extension later this year, KCR passengers will soon able to transfer to MTR in Tsim Sha Tsui or (if you don't mind a little walking) Star Ferry. There is also another cheapest and fastest way if the there isn't any traffic in the tunnel. You can take the KCR to Hung Hom and transfer to bus routes such as 101, 103, 104, 109, 111, 113, 115, and 182.

    KCR+Bus=$5.1+$8.9=$14.0 (preferred)

    You can also take 170 that goes to Aberdeen but you still have to transfer to other bus routes (2, 5B, 10, 11, 25, 26), tram or MTR in Causeway Bay near Times Square.

    170+2 or 26=$15.3+$3.9=$19.2
    170+5B or 10=$15.3+$3.4=$18.7

    If you live in other parts of Shatin such as in City One, Tai Wai, or Ma On Shan, you will have direct bus routes to Central such as 182, 680, 681. To connect to one of these routes, the shortest you can take is 284 from New Town Plaza Bus Terminal or 86K from Shatin KCR Station and get down at one of the stops along Tai Chung Kiu Road where you can transfer to 182, which goes to Sheung Wan via Central.


    Hm...all the bus routes mentioned are frequent. It just requires a little investigation and trial and you will be prepared if there is something wrong with the KCR or MTR...

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    Red face Sha Tin to Central bus routes

    Wow! Thank you so much for all of that info! MUCH appreciated! Looks like I am going to have fun journeys! I will be staying at the Castello development in Siu Lek Yuen who have a shuttle bus running to New Town Plaza...I guess the best route is KCR to Hung Hom then bus, tunnel traffic permitting! Cheers!
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    try the URL link below, you can enter the bus number and see it route.

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    Bus Rates

    Hi there,

    I have just checked the citybus website, it's really comprehensive, I am impressed. Just one query though...they are quoting prices like 7 dollars for the 182 journey as opposed to 15 this right?

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    Hm...are you looking at the right fare? It's because it is $7.7 for seniors or children.

    Both KMB and CTB operate route 182 because it is a Central Cross-Harbour Tunnel line. Newer Western Cross-Harbour Tunnel lines and a few Eastern Cross-Harbour Tunnel lines are operated by one bus company.

    One important thing about HK's buses is that the closer location you board a bus to the bus route's destination, the cheaper the fare will be.

    Take 182 as an example, its final destination is Sheung Wan Macau Ferry. If you board the bus in Hung Hom going to Central, your fare will be only $8.9. However, if you board the bus in Wan Chai heading to Central, your fare will be only $5.4. In your case, you will be boarding the bus in Shatin, so your fare is $15.3.

    Hope this helps~

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    Thank you so much!

    Hey! Apologies for being so dumb! Thank you so much for all of this, you've been really helpful! Cheers!

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    You're welcomed!

    No problem~ Please feel free to ask more public transportation question if you have any in the future.

    HK's bus system works similar to New York's subway. There are express bus, local bus, limited stop bus, and commuter bus. They are very frequent when service is provided during the day except only a few bus routes providing service every 30 minutes.

    Even people who live in those less crowded or suburban areas, they still usually have access to the public light bus with 16 seats, namely green or red mini bus.

    This might be helpful if you want to notify the mini-bus driver of your destination...

    "Yau Lok" meaning stop requested immediately.

    "Kai Hau Yau Lok" meaning stop requested at the street corner or intersection.

    "Juen Wan Yau Lok" meaning stop requested at the or right after a turn.

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    If you don't mind walking a bit, I'd recommend you taking route no. 681 at the toll plaza of Tate's Cairn Tunnel (shouldn't be too far the walk, I'm not quite sure but hey I studied near that place before!). It's relatively fast and convenient because you don't need to switch transportations at all, there's a stop near your workplace (I'd recommend the stop at Pedder Street, near Des Voeux Road Central), it'd take maybe 5 mins for you to walk to your workplace from there. Do I got into too much details here? Hope not, but hey I'm just trying to help! Fare is $18.2 btw