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Calling all book lovers

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    Wink Second book meeting on Alan Watts This Saturday

    Just a friendly reminder that our second Alan Watts book meeting is this Saturday at 4 pm. Whether you finish the book or not, come and enjoy the discussion with us!

    For more info:

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    Fourth Book Club Meeting

    Dear all,

    Thank those who came last Saturday.

    The next reading for our April meeting (2/4 at 4pm) is the Heart Sutra (般若波羅蜜多心經) in English. There are many versions of it both in hardcopies and on the internet. You are free to choose the source. Here are some of the internet versions:

    Lapis Lazuli Texts: The Shorter Prajnaparamita Hrdaya Sutra (Heart Sutra)
    Buddhist Scriptures: Heart Sutra (with commentaries)
    The Heart Sutra
    The Heart Sutra

    See you all on 2/4 at 4pm.

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    Fifth Book Club Meeting

    Thanks all who attended our Snow Country book club meeting. It was a nice session. Glad to see some new faces.

    Our 6th meeting info is as follows.

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    Sixth Meeting

    Dear all who are interested,

    Gwen's English Book Club

    Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk's My Name is Red (chapters 1-30)

    18/6 (Sat) 2 pm

    99 Caine Road, Shop J

    "In 16th-century Istanbul, master miniaturist and illuminator of books Enishte Effendi is commissioned to illustrate a book celebrating the sultan. Soon he lies dead at the bottom of a well, and how he got there is the crux of this novel. A number of narrators give testimony to what they know about the circumstances surrounding the murder. The stories accumulate and become more detailed as the novel progresses, giving the reader not only a nontraditional murder mystery but insight into the mores and customs of the time. In addition, this is both an examination of the way figurative art is viewed within Islam and a love story that demonstrates the tricky mechanics of marriage laws. Award-winning Turkish author Pamuk (The White Castle) creatively casts the novel with colorful characters (including such entities as a tree and a gold coin) and provides a palpable sense of atmosphere of the Ottoman Empire that history and literary fans will appreciate." (Library Journal)

    Our website:
    current activities

    Where can I find this book?

    Some of the Dymocks and Commercial Press locations carry this book. Remember to call before you go. Copies of this book can also be found in Hong Kong Public Libraries. Feel free to let me know if you encounter any problem finding the book.

    Hope to see you all there. Email me if you have any questions

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