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    Hi everyone,

    I've been searching for recent reviews of I-Cable services but unable to find any. Found some old reviews (2004-2008) and they weren't very good.

    Just wanted to know if anyone's been using I-Cable broadband and what's their feedback. I like their cable TV offerings, but am a bit worried about their internet speed since it's a shared line. I do quite a bit of skype with my family and wonder if the quality will be affected by the shared line if there's lots of users.

    Also, heard from friends that Netvigator isn't that good nowadays either.. also dropping and hanging.

    Appreciate your reviews.


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    hi everyone...
    ermm.. is I-Cable that bad that no one uses them?

    Any feedback or if you're aware of more recent reviews, apprciate if you can point me to it.

    Thanks much!

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    I use i-cable, and i'm happy with the service. I get a land line and internet package. They're reliable and are very helpful. I wouldn't recommend PCCW it's MUCH slower.

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    I use i-cable as well. The speed is relative low compared to navigator but still accptable.
    I am using a switch to share with 3 PCs + WIFI. No any significate issue at all.
    The reason using i-cable is due to its package of internet, phone & TV.

    Hope these information is useful to you. THanks!

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    Hi Rodge and Frank@TKO,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm also considering I-Cable cos of the package. Seems quite a good deal to get all 3 for that price. They are coming to install it tonight (must say they are super-efficient in this aspect as they even wanted to send someone on Tues when I called them to make arrangements!).

    Hopefully the speed is good enough for Skype =)

    Thanks much!


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    Got my I-Cable set up last nite. Skyped with my family with youtube playing in the background. The Skype voice and image reception and quality were pretty good, and youtube played continuously.

    So far so good. Waiting for my TV to arrive to check out the cable channels =)

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    I got iCable and have had no problems using Skype to the US. I also stream video in from the US and UK and usually have no problems there--though sometimes a small buffer issue.

    Personally I think the tv channels are pretty lame, but I'm more IPTV for most of what I want to watch anyway. I probably only use about 6 channels, mostly news or sports, on the actual tv. The rest is all download/playback or live streams from other sites.

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    No need to worry internet speed in Hong Kong. This infrastructure is excellent in the World.
    People only worry the speed of BT :P

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    I've yet to try that... hope it's good too. =)

    Quote Originally Posted by FRank@TKO:
    No need to worry internet speed in Hong Kong. This infrastructure is excellent in the World.
    People only worry the speed of BT :P

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    I was just doing some research online on HK Internet + Phone + TV provider. The building of the apartment I am going to be moving to only serviced by i-cable and PCCW.
    After reading this post dated 2010, I wonder if i-cable is still good?