Hi there everyone,

First of all- let me say a word of thanks to whoever who can advise me on the matter below. I recently got interested in a job which requires relocation to HK. I am in my late 20s. The job is Financial related and I have approximately 5 years experience in the field.

Things are still in discussion stage, but I would like to gather more info prior the the discussion on the remuneration package is being carried out. I do not wish to under sell and neither do I want to blow off the opportunity by asking for too much.

The pay range given by the company is HKD30k to 33k, currently nothing is mentioned on the relocation expenses. But rental seems to be out of the questions. Below is what I have in mind to request from the company:
a) to pay for all refundable deposits (utilities, rental, etc)
b) subsidy of rental and provision of rental for the first 2 months by the company
c) a travel package for one (or two?) of my family member to visit me (once a year)
d) shipping of goods to HK (bare necessities in excess of the weight allowed by airlines)
e) travelling allowances in HK
f) mobile/ call allowances in HK

What do you all think of the above? would it be too much? or is it reasonable? what else should I also consider? And by the way how reasonable is the salary range offered above?

I am also thinking about highlighting other areas like bonus, medical benefits, leave entitlement and yearly increment. what would the benchmark be? pls advise.

And do company in HK also pay taxes for their expatriates? or such arrangement is only available for upper ranking expatriates? like senior managers and above?

Appreciate feedback. Thank you