Saddam Hussein for sale!

Iraqi Dinar Saddam Hussein T-shirt funny: $13.99
Saddam Hussein 'So Damn Insane': $1.75
addam Hussein cuddly handmade musical doll: $66.01
Saddam Hussein personalized permit ID card: $4
1991 Saddam Hussein 'To Hell' comic book: $2.95
Saddam Hussein novelty condom: $15
Saddam Hussein USA hunting permit: $9.99
Saddam Hussein death certificate: $5.95
Funny Saddam Hussein USA war T-shirt: $12
Saddam Hussein Iraq war brass pocket compass: $23.99
T-shirt formerly worn by Saddam Hussein: $12.95
Saddam Hussein Time Magazine 1997: $3.99
Saddam Hussein poster support troops kit: $4.95
Saddam Hussein darts: $4.95
Saddam Hussein voodoo doll with pins: $15
Saddam Husein toilet tissue: $5
Brand new Saddam Hussein rug: $5.99
Saddam Hussein machine embroidered hat/cap: $9.99
Saddam Hussein set of three bills: $20.01
Saddam Hussein banknotes: $46
'Eagle Over' Saddam Hussein t-shirt: $8.50
Saddam Hussein hunting permit bumper sticker: $7.50
'Iraqi & Bullwinkle' postcard: $1
Saddam Hussein Iraq 50 Dinar note: $32.52
Saddam Hussein official banknotes: $21.50
Saddam Hussein Iraq very rare 1980 coin: $71
Saddam Hussein three pouting rings: $7.95
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein may be as good as dead, but his disappearance has made him an instant hit for memorabilia seekers, who are snapping up everything from bank notes to toilet paper that carry his picture.

Until yesterday the internet auction website Ebay was offering precisely 1,365 items for sale which include money (coins and notes), postcards t-shirts, even a death certificate!

Among the star items on Ebay was a single roll of toilet paper bearing Saddam's picture and the slogan 'Hussein Insane'. The seller, a resident of Florida wanted $49.95 for it. A little dented on one side, the owner had it since the 1991 Gulf War. Even the internet domain name was on sale for $750, but there have been no takers.

A photograph purportedly signed by Saddam, who has not been heard from since Monday when a US airstrike targeted a building he was believed in, was on sale for $1,000. Until yesterday there were 31 bidders for a picture of Saddam kneeling on a prayer rug.

A number of Americans who served during the 1991 Gulf War were seeking to sell Iraqi currency. One 100 dinar note bearing Saddam's portrait had attracted a bid of $63, hundreds of times its official value.

There are still hundreds of items to go, so this probably your last chance to own something that once belonged to Saddam Hussein. Here are some of the items you can choose from, if they are not already taken that is.