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    Now TV contracts....

    We signed ( order over phone ) for Now TV about a year ago and at the time they were offering 18 months sign up with 5 free channels for contract term.

    The one year is up and they have now advised that the free channels were only for 12 months of the 18 and if we want the 5 we now have to pay monthly, or renew for 12 months.

    They deny that the original free were for the full contract and say only 12 months and we must have been told that at the time.

    It appears PCCW policy for TV, Netvigator etc is to screw as many people as possible for a few bucks and hope that nobody complains.

    We have had similar problem when swithching internet from Netvigator to ICable when they would accept one month notice as per their contract (this time written) as they could only cancel according to their billing cycle..letter to regulator fixed this (again only about 15 bucks so principle rather than the money).

    Back to NOW, as anybody else been screwed on the free channels being cancelled and got it fixed. I think their policy is to get you on multi plans that do not terminate at same time as incentive not to switch, it is quite smart of them but hacks me off when they mislead when selling.

    Also now, I am sure they will get more aggressive knowing that we we all want the EPL in a years time so are stuck with them. God help us when we see how much they are going to charge for EPL, as they will have 3 year EPL I guess they will only sell 4 year minimum subs for that....

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    I also think that PCCW is a nightmare. I signed up (unfortunately on the phone, very stupid me!) for phone and internet. I don't have a contract, so I don't know if the promises they made me will be maintained. What is this company that doesn't send off contracts, so people know exactly what they are signing up to?

    Stupid me! What was I thinking????

    Plus, I just moved house, and asked them to switch internet and phone. They did, but only the internet. After 4 days I called them up and said: why doesn't the phone work yet?? The reply: Oh, you also want to have the phone switched?

    Jizzuz. So I had to make a new appointment with a bloke to switch the phone.

    And I actually had to remind them to stop the phone in my old house. Somehow they don't understand that if I move I don't need a phone in the house from which I moved out. What's wrong with these people???

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    You should have received a contract in the post?