Most definitely not.

A chance to become Bollywood's next big star

Aspiring Indian thespians take note - here is your chance to star with Bollywood's finest: Sunny Deol, Salman Khan and Priety Zinta.

Indian channel Zee Network, carried on Cable TV, is launching its own American Idol copycat show. India's Best will scour the country and five international cities, including Hong Kong, to find 200 talented people. They will eventually be whittled down to one woman and one man to star in a blockbuster film.

Auditions and performances will be broadcast on Zee from August to October.

The majority of contestants will come from 20 cities in India, but Indians in Hong Kong, Singapore, Britain, the US and the United Arab Emirates will also have a chance to become India's next big star.

In Hong Kong, auditions will be held at Veda in Central this Saturday.

The tapes will be sent to India where Zee will choose the two best and fly them, all-expenses paid, to Mumbai for the grand finale. For further details, log on to