Eyeglasses in HK

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    Eyeglasses in HK


    I need new eyeglasses and don't know where to go. Does anyone know a good optometrist on HK Island or Kowloon?. Quality should be an important issue but I don't want to spend a fortune.

    BTW, do you know how quick they are?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    There are optical shops on every corner in Hong Kong. Walk into any of them and you'll be given a free optical test by a guy in a white coat. Whether these people are qualified optometrists, I'm not sure but I've never had any problems. The main test is performed by machine, with a few other quick tests for astigamtism (?). It usually takes a couple days to have your glasses made.

    The last time I went to the optical shop inside Sogo in Causeway Bay (I think it's called Tokyo Optical). A middle-aged Japanese gentleman performed the tests and seemed more thorough and professional than the staff at chains like Optical 88 and The Optical Shop. Please avoid New World Vision. I once purchased a pair of sunglasses from their Times Square store. I brought them back when the frame became loose. The staff, unaware that I understand Cantonese, admitted that there was a problem with the hinge. After conferring in my presence, the supervisor advised the other man to just tighten the screw and see if I would return.

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    The uncle of my g/f own as glasses shop in Mong Kok. Can highly suggest them.
    You can find him in Argyle Center (close to MTR exit). I think it was 18/F (to the right at the very end). Very good service and good prices as well.

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    There's an optician at Sun Hung Kai Center in Wanchai. He's the only guy I go to nowadays. He's by far the most reasonable, he speaks excellent English and his service is excellent. I need to get down there tomorrow to change my frames.