PFL vs. Island East

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    PFL vs. Island East

    Will be moving to HK in '07 with an 11yo boy, and am wondering what Pok Fu Lam and Island East are like. Would you mind comparing/contrasting the two, giving some advantages and disads as well. We'd like things like transportation convenience since we won't have a car, grocery shopping near by, youth soccer clubs, swimming clubs, ice hockey, clean air(possible in hk?!) and greenery.
    Would also like to know what the difference in rent in the two areas is like(am checking real estate sites as well). Lastly, do u like living in those areas if you do live there? Thanks for the help.

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    Have you posted these questions in Geobaby?

    Which school will your son goes to? Where is your husband's office?

    Where exactly you are considering moving in in Island East/Pokfulam?

    I live in the Belcher's, Pokfulam and I think this area is great. Very convenient, lots of young families, lots of buses (and tram; MTR is coming in a few years time), club house facilities are good (indoor and outdoor swimming pools), local markets, good Wellcome (I think it is one of the best Wellcome in HK) and other shops, lots of places to eat, etc. 5 min taxi (15 min big bus/ 10 min mini bus) to Central depending on the traffic.

    From the Belcher's, you can walk to the Peak or 5 min mini bus to Pokfulam Reservoir (greenery??)

    For soccer, you can try "Playsport" website that I gave you in other post. Stanley Ho Stadium is like 15 min mini bus from the Belcher's.

    Pollution? ah...I think it is the same everywhere in HK... may be you can try "Bel Air"?

    Good luck!