Victoria Prison

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    Victoria Prison

    Anyone going to Jail in January?

    A lot of fun according 'cons' out on parole. I am slated to be in th clanger on the 21st after which prices really get a makeover when Mr Nelsson an Co take over in March.

    The Community Chest wants you ALL to end up behind the bars !
    Yes, it is time for you to go to jail, but all for a good cause.

    Hong Kong’s legendary Victoria Prison will cease its operation in March 2006
    and The Community Chest has secured the rights to stage two very exclusive,
    “by-invitation-only” parties at this unique venue on Friday and Saturday, 17 & 18 March.

    Appropriately named Jailhouse Rock, the parties will allow supporters of the Chest
    to see the inside of this historical building, without breaking the law.

    There will be two categories of tickets:-
    Warden Package: HK$68,000 (with 10 Warden Tickets and 50 Inmate Tickets)
    Inmate Ticket: HK$800 per person

    All guests will be entitled to enjoy a fantastic evening of entertainment
    sponsored by the A S Watson Group.
    * Listen to Jailhouse Rock and other favourite Elvis hits by
    the world champion Elvis Presley tribute artist, Stephen Kabakos.
    * Enjoy the 70’s and 80’s mega hits by Les McKeown’s Legendary Bay City Rollers.
    * Dance to your favourite tunes provided by well-known DJs
    and a top live band featuring Philip Chan, Anders Nelsson, Kara and other singers.

    You can also:
      • Dress up as a “criminal”
      • Have your “mug-shot” taken in prison environment
      • Enjoy typical “prison” food

    Why not pay to have your friends / enemies, mother-in-law or partner put in Jail !
    Do come and enjoy these once-in-a-lifetime activities
    (without having to first get arrested !)

    For enquiries, please call 2599 6160.

    All donation raised through this event will be allocated in full to benefit the
    “Aftercare Services for Ex-drug users and Ex-offenders” supported by The Community Chest.


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    I'm going on the 21st too.

    I think you might be confused - the parties listed in the flier above were last year! These were proper parties, not just tours like the ones being run at the moment.

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    See you at the identification parade

    Thanks for clearing that up Bungle; I always knew I was living in the Past.
    Anders was spotted at the Jail on Sat, which probably started the confusion.
    "I promise to be a good boy for the rest of my life, and even longer."

    And the idiot still has the notice up on his website

    Be sure to wear you Geoexpat nametag on the 21st