Cigar Wholesale Prices

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    Cigar Wholesale Prices

    Does anyone know if there are people in HK selling cigars at wholesale prices?

    I usually buy them at Cigar Express (along the mid-levels escalator) but it's the usual retail prices.

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    Hong Kong

    By the looks of your username, it looks like you want some Phillies Blunts or Swisher Sweets Try duty-free for boxes of cigars.

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    anyone has any update on this topic??

    i usually buy from airport, but is there any other choices in hk?

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    Order online

    Did you compare already the online shops? I do not know what they charge at the retail shops, but the online provider have really good prices.

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    The best prices I found in hong kong are club cubano in TST. The prices on cubans are even superior to duty free. however, they dont always have everything in stock, and sometimes you need to wait a few weeks for shipping. they use switzerland as their distribution hub.

    absolutely do not buy from any pacific cigar company shop, although you will get 100% authentic and properly stored, you will pay nearly twice as much.

    another shop to avoid is cigarros inn at times square. aside from the bad reports online, If you visit the shop its completely obvious that some of the cigars are fake. the size and labels can look different within the same box....