How to select Internet Service provider?

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    How to select Internet Service provider?

    I have recently moved to HK and will be staying in Tung Chung from next week. How to select the best internet connection? I went thru website of PCCW but it is not clear enough...any suggestions?? and also for mobile phone connection, which one is better-pre paid or postpaid?

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    We use HKBN in Tung Chung. Its ok, but not great for visiting internet sites abroad. But then again I generally find internet for foreign sites to be slow in HK regardless of if its HKBN or PCCW.

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    I'm using PCCW 30 Mbit. Consistently fast, good for access to the US as well.

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    If you do any BT overseas, don't even think about using HKBN. I had just joined HKBN's BB100 plan 2 days ago, comparing their 100MB versus my PCCW 30MB service; I get about 10 better performance on PCCW service.
    The reason is HKBN puts a cap on your service if you are doing any BT overseas, the reason to my understanding is that HKBN has a very low bandwidth to overseas. For example I understand PCCW has a 92GB connection to US for example and would imagine that HKBN has a much smaller connection to US.
    And HKBN customer service/technical support is terrible. I had some problem connecting my Mac to the internet, so I called their customer service; the customer service was unable to answer my question and had to have someone from their technical support in 48 hours. I exclaimed and said WHAT? And the customer service person asked me, well does it work with your Win7 notebook. I said yes, but now I need to do something with Mac right now. And her simple answer is, well it works Win7; so there is nothing wrong with our service. It has been 30hrs now and I am still waiting for a call back from their technical support.
    So before you think of joining HKBN like me, I wish I had read on a forum somewhere; someone giving the advice I am giving you now. DONT DO IT!!! Now I am stuck with a 28 contact and they will not allow me cancel it even it is only 2 days in the service and I am a unhappy customer.