Where to find NTI bite guard?

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    Where to find NTI bite guard?

    Any recommendations where to find an NTI night guard that keeps one from grinding teeth, dentists that offer it, and how much it might cost?

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    Hi. This thread is old but I wonder if you (or anyone) have found where to buy a ready-made night guard especially for teeth grinding.

    I visited two dentists along Hennesy Rd (near Causeway Bay) and they quoted me 2,000 for a custom-made night guard.

    So I bought a boil and bite mouth guard for contact sports (boxing) which costs 90dollars. But it's still too big for my mouth.

    Any suggestions?

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    If you don't want to pay for a custom fit one, trim the boil and bite with a sharp knife. Usually these sit too far back in my mouth so I'll cut off half a inch from the rear part, and round it off again with a file.

    You're not worried about the thickness of the "walls" really since it's just for sleep, just sand these down if they're too thick.


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    night guard

    Can try Sova night guard. the site is based in HK so shipping will be max 1-2 days.


    Just checked their site, unfortunately they're out of stock atm, but should be restocked by March.