Need working visa for HK

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    Red face Need working visa for HK


    I've recently applied for employment in Hong Kong and have had some responses. However, the question, " are you a permenant resident?" pops up everytime before I get a chance to set up an interview. I'm not a resident nor do I have a working visa. I'm 26 years old Canadian with a boyfriend in Hong Kong looking for a career in insurance or finance. I have a bachelor's degree, work experience and preparing to persue my MBA. Anyone have an idea how to obtain a working visa? Is there a link to obtain a working visa form?



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    For your forms and more...

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    Same situation

    I had just gone through the same thing. You'll have to find a job that will sponser u in getting the employment visa with hk immigration. The best firms to aim for are the international ones.

    If the company has sponsered employees will be easier for you to obtain the visa too. Since u are experienced, it should be not too hard to find a job and for immigration to agree to the visa, although they do say the applicant needs to hold "special skills". I'm not sure how strong that requirement stands, but I think they just need reasoning on why they cannot just hire anyone thats already in HK.

    I am a designer, and therefore its sorta convenient in a way to hold skills that are more specialized.

    Hope this all helps. Good luck to u and u're bf.

    - American livin in Hong Kong

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    What a good question?! Thanks for link posted above. I'm an Australian Citizen and am looking for a job in HK. I guess it is really hard to get a working visa or something. Fingers crossed!!