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    Towngas billing

    In last few months there was not Standard Gas Charges but this month there is Standard Gas Charges of HKD 199.32

    On top f which I have Monthly initial charges, monthly maintenance charges and fuel cost adjustment charges. can you please tell me is Standard Gas charges ?

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    You know where the airport is...

    This might help explain it
    Towngas - Tariff

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    Look at the back of your bill.

    "Standard Gas Charge" is simply the estimated consumption (MJ) which is their estimate unless you call in the meter reading as the bill says. That is a fast process and prevents a too high estimate if you were concerned about that. The number is right there to call.

    The maintenance you seem to be ok and it too is explained on the back of the bill.

    Back of the bill shows how they price the Standard Charge and the Fuel Cost Adjustment (bottom of the back).

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