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    This is really retarded behaviour. Who doesn't like to have a bit of fun, few beers, poking fun at each other, nice little banter, but there's a limit ffs. I mean don't be a nuisance to the society and act like you were brought up in a jungle where no one was there to educate you and correct your manners.

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    I would have thought it was very frightening for the drivers, and I think intended to be so. Police should have been involved in this. If you can't handle your booze without being threatening to others then you should not drink. Too many dickheads like this around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loz_2:
    They are AFL players not league players. The only time I bumped into a high profile league player back in Sydney I have to say he was a really decent bloke. Didn't even big note himself. Even shouted beers for me and my mates. Unfortunately its the minority that give sports stars a bad name.
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    Though the Aussie Rules are gaining more profile with loutish behaviour, rugby league players probably have the worst reputation when it comes to what they do outside of their profession. The amount of off-field incidents far outweigh this behaviour. The most recent incidents in Australia include group rapes/sex, sexual assaults and of course drinking incidents which includes bar fights and normal assaults.

    The problem lies when 20 yo's start getting $100-$150k a year in Australia for virtually something that comes naturally to them in most cases. They train 3-5 hours a day and then have nothing to do! The good ones get over $250k up to $1m a season! They get 6 months off a year but still train but the pressure is off in low season.

    Most are just meatheads from the country and lads with no commitments.

    Mind you, the media loves this stuff and jumps on it when it happens.

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    Good to see these mentally subnormal cretins getting exposure on page 3 of todays SCMP.

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    Page 2 of The Standard

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    At 4:20 it looks like the female put her shoetip under the moving back wheel of the taxi. Drunk enough to do something that stupid, also drunk enough to misjudge how much of your foot you put at risk? And no doubt if her little trick had gone wrong, would have accused the driver of having run over her foot....I too am reminded why LKF is never on my 'go to' list!

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    Thats why when I'm in LKF I don't tend to go to the ground floor bars, To avoid loutish scum like that.

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