Jordan station -> Kowloon station

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    Jordan station -> Kowloon station

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to travel from Jordan station to the airport via the airport express. I see that the line that goes from kowloon station to the airport has much less stops than the line where jordan lies. My question is, whats the best way to get from jordan station to kowloon station?

    I'm basically looking for the quickest route possible, please bare in mind the travelling time would be during rush hour, around 8-8:30.

    Many Thanks.


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    10-15 minutes.
    Should be about $15-$20
    5 minutes maybe

    Airport Express Shuttle Bus
    Service hours 06:18 - 23:10
    (every 12 minutes)

    MTR Jordan Station (alighting, Tak Shung School) >> KCR Hung Hom Station (alighting) >> Whampoa Garden (Tak On Street) >>
    Harbour Plaza Hotel >>
    Harbour Plaza Metropolis >>
    KCR Hung Hum Station (boarding) >>
    MTR Jordan Station (boarding, Union Church Kowloon)

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    Sai Kung

    Would you consider getting the airpot bus??

    Cheaper and no changes.

    A21 goes from Jordan direct - I normally join it Mongkok.
    Can catch on Northbound side of road from designated stops on main road (forgotten the name of Rd - Nathan??).

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    Thank you both for your information!..

    PC Man: While I do usually take the A21, as its only 33HKD one way, but it does take almost an hour ( Not rush hour).

    The airport express seem to have a special where if you travel to and from the airport (ie return) during the same day, its only 64HKD all up which is wonderful considering its heaps faster than the bus.

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    Just grab a taxi, you'll be paying the minimum fee most likely.

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    more like 20 HKD, which is still good.

    There's also a #26 minibus that goes from Hung Hom station, along Cox's Rd., down Jordan Rd. and then straight to the airport express station. That's usually pretty fast too, about as fast as a taxi if you can catch it.