Customs clearence for container load

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    Customs clearence for container load

    Im getting a very small container load of furniture and personal belongings into HK. My shipper overseas does not have an agent in HK.

    Im looking to clear the customs myself if possible and then get a transporter to deliver it to my home address.

    Anybody here know what procedure I need to follow to get my belongings custom cleared and then delivered to me?

    Ive run into a dead end with the HK Customs hotline. Nobody will tell me what procedure to follow and how to get this done myself. Ive been transferred to about 10 people and finally the HK chamber of commerce who will only give me a customs declaration form, but no advise on what to do.

    Im hoping somebody can give me good advise

    And yes. I did call a couple of moving companies and they are charging a huge sum to do this for me.

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    Why on earth did you pick a shipper who can only ship and can't deliver at the far end? Bizarre!

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    Well I havent yet shipped my stuff here, Im looking at costs. The shipper without the HK destination service costs less than 1/5th the price. I am still hoping to save on shipping costs. Not really that bizarre.